The House of Hope

Dorin and Marion Moldovan from Ebensee, Austria decided after a long time of prayer and consideration, to help abandoned children find a loving family.
In this way a children’s home in Sambateni, Arad came into being in 2003/04, where abandoned children could find refuge, love and affection but also gain an education and be prepared for adoption.


In 2007 other projects were founded on the same site:
• A mother-child centre where mothers and children in need can find refuge.
• A sports area for our children and the young people from the village.
• The sports area is a meeting place for young people and a place where our children can learn fairness and let off steam.

Volunteer Opportunities

There is enough to do for young and old! Working with the children, helping around the house and yard. We are always looking for people who would like to help. Whether short assignments in summer (from one month) or long-term assignments (approx. 6-12 months), whether young or older, whether woman or man there is no one who cannot help.

Our Family

For many years we lived together as a family in Ebensee , Upper Austria . Marion was born in Austria (Upper Austria / Salzkammergut) . Dorin is a native Romanian, but for many years with Austrian citizenship . But then our lives began to change.