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One Family

For many years we lived together as a family in Ebensee , Upper Austria . Marion was born in Austria (Upper Austria / Salzkammergut) . Dorin is a native Romanian, but for many years with Austrian citizenship . But then our lives began to change. How it all began: Approximately in 1999, an idea has taken us and never left us since : a children’s home in Romania.
At first involved only me, Marion. But the urging in this direction got stronger. So I checked everything in the light of the Bible and prayed, if it were my own thoughts, or whether the will of God was behind it. Finally came the confirmation from God’s Word to it.
After about 2 years I, Dorin, was then also convinced that this is the way and the task for our lives. It was not an easy decision , because ultimately it told me to go back to the country from which I had fled. Back in poverty , mentality and often you still will meet communist thinking. But it was clear to me – with God’s help, I would make it to be able to live there again. When the direction was clear to us , we began to take action. We bought early 2002 a plot of land in Romania, near Arad.

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Together with a team of Christian educators, we take in abandoned children, give them love and security, they receive good food and prepare for adoption.